Our Services

My bicycle offers a range of repair services. In addition to sales, we specialize in restorations, custom bike builds, vintage bicycle services, high and low end repairs.

My bicycle does custom powder coating service as well. Please stop in for an estimate.

1970 Schwinn Stingray (powder coated)

1970 Schwinn Stingray (powder coated)

Custom Powder Coated 1982 Nishiki

Custom Powder Coated 1982 Nishiki

Custom Powder Coated 1949 Columbia

Custom Powder Coated 1949 Columbia

23 thoughts on “Our Services

  1. I’m interested in having my bike tuned up. I have not rode it in almost 3 years. Yikes! I will need a quote of what needs to be tuned up. I live a couple blocks from your shop. Should I walk my bike over even though both tires are flat?

    • Hello thank you for reaching out on my site . Please call me at shop Sunday or Monday so we can schedule a morning for you to drop it off . Once we decide on a date it will be done same day as well … look forward to making your bike smile again …

      Cameron vodegel

      562 331-0190

      • Hi Cameron! Just left you a message this Sunday morning. Not sure what time you open. I’ll call you later today. Thank you.

  2. Good evening sir. I have my wife’s late seventies beach cruiser. I would like to have it totally restored same color new comfy seat and a basket on front if Original type grips Crome everything.

  3. Hello, I could really use some help getting my bike set up. I need the brake connected, and air in my tires. How much would this run?

  4. I’m looking for someone to customize a bike for a person with disabilities. It would mainly concern braking for a person with limited hand capabilities but also some modification for gear shifting and pedaling. Looking to purchase and modify. Thank you.

  5. Hello
    I just purchased my first road bicycle and need help assembling it to be ready to ride. Would you have availability this weekend for me to bring it in for assistance?

    Thank you,

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