Bmx Restoring



Before Restoration :




Restored to exact Model Circa 1984 . Gt Performer made in Huntington beach calif . 

Performer Circa 1984

Performer Circa 1984


performer 1986 original rare color .


Circa 1987 intercepte by GT bicycles



15 thoughts on “Bmx Restoring

  1. Looking to restore an 83 SE Reynolds Quad frame and fork. It has two tiny dents in the seatstay, but that’s about it as far as repair. Needs to be stripped and re-powdered a different color. What’s a rough estimate of the cost? Thanks!

  2. Want to restore my 1996 dyno compe. Bought this bike brand new and has just been in storage since my younger days. I’d like to keep as much original parts as possible. Is this something you could quote me?

  3. Hi there,
    Looking to bring my 1986 Gt Pro Performer back to life. Have three questions: 1) which method do you use for stripping, media blast or chemicals? 2) are you able to customize the color Dayglo Orange? 3) are you able to get the 1986 Gt Pro Performer stickers for it?

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